Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

Reverend Thomas Coughlin, O.P.Miss. Sister Marybeth Culnan, O.S.F. Sister Theresa Davey, O.S.U. Reverend Arnaud Devillers, F.S.S.P. Reverend John Doctor, O.F.M. Reverend Vincent Elsen, O.F.M. Sister Rebecca Ann Gemma, O.P. Sister Rose Madonna Gibbons, O.S.F. Brother Jack Hardesty, O.F.M. Reverend Charles Hart, O.F.M. Sister Mary Lenore Highland, O.S.F. Sister Maria Goretti Hotop, O.S.U. Reverend James Isaacson, S.J.C.

Sister Brenda Jacoby, O.S.U. Sister Susan Kienzler, O.S.U. Sister Maria Angelica Lopez-Rodriguez, M.A.G. Reverend Kevin Mann, S.J.C. Brother Anthony Joseph McCoy, F.F.S.C. Sister Barbara McMullen, C.D.P. Sister Loyola Miller, O.P. Sister Mary Karolyn Nunes, F.S.G.M.

Sister Gertrude O’Connor, O.S.F. Sister Katherine O’Connor, O.P. Sister Maureen O’Connor, O.S.F. Reverend John Ostdiek, O.F.M. Sister Anna Marie Pierre, O.P. Sister Jacklyn Pritchard, C.D.P. Sister Ofelia Quiroz-Martinez, M.A.G. Sister Vilayphon Santibout, O.S.F. Sister Miriam Scheel, O.P. Sister Rosemary Skelley, O.S.U. Reverend Scott Thelander, S.J.C. Brother John Francis Tyrell, F.F.S.C. Reverend Michael Luke Ubben, O.F.M. Mother Mary Maximilia Um, F.S.G.M. Brother Gerald Voycheck, F.F.S.C. Reverend Joseph Zimmerman, O.F.M.


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