Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

than black may be worn with a Roman collar for a just cause (such as hot weather).

b) “The Code of Canon Law does not oblige permanent deacons to wear ecclesiastical garb [see canon 288]. Further, because they are permanent and active in secular professions and society, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops specifies that permanent deacons should resemble the lay faithful in dress and manner of lifestyle. Each diocesan bishop should, however, determine and promulgate any exceptions to this law, as well as specify the appropriate clerical attire if it is to be worn.” 22 Accordingly, by determination of the Diocesan Bishop, permanent deacons in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois may wear clerical attire, consisting of a gray clergy shirt and Roman collar, when exercising diaconal ministry, especially when conducting wake services, funerals, graveside services and grief counseling, and when visiting the homebound, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the area hospitals as a Catholic deacon. Wearing a lapel pin or logo on the shirt with an emblem signifying the permanent diaconate is also permitted. 22. a) Attention is called to the decrees of the Holy See and provisions of canon law imposing penalties against all clerics and religious who engage in business or trading for profit, either for themselves or for others. 23 b) Clerics are forbidden to post bail or to give surety for anyone unless they have the written permission of the local Ordinary. Priests are reminded that the endorsing or co-signing of promissory notes is a species of surety, and is forbidden. Priests are also forbidden to lend money to laymen at interest. 24 c) Without the permission of the local Ordinary, priests should not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of the money, property or valuables of others, except in the case of a close relative or brother priest. 25

23. While the Christian faithful can legitimately vindicate and defend the rights which they possess in the Church before a competent ecclesiastical forum

22 National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States , approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2003 and confirmed by the Holy See on October 30, 2004, paragraph 89.

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