Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

according to the norm of law, 26 no cleric may institute a suit, action or complaint in the civil or criminal courts, whether in personal or ecclesiastical matters, without the consent of the local Ordinary. Pastors and Administrators of other public juridic persons “are neither to initiate nor to contest litigation in a civil forum in the name of a public juridic person unless they have obtained the written permission of their own Ordinary.” 27 24. All clergy are admonished to be most conscientious in paying all personal and parish debts. When credit is extended to them, the bills should be paid promptly and as agreed. Neglect of this obligation is not infrequently the source of grave scandal to the laity. b) The recreation of a priest should keep in mind the value of priestly fraternity and should be in keeping with the priestly office. Attendance at places and events which might be the cause of scandal is forbidden. 26. Beyond exercising the right to vote, voter registration, voter education and advocacy for issues consistent with Catholic teaching, all priests shall refrain from participating in partisan political activity or endorsing or promoting political candidates or a political party). 28 27. The clergy are most earnestly exhorted to make a last will and testament. A duplicate copy of this will, in a sealed envelope if one so chooses, should be filed at the Diocesan Curia. 28. Priests assigned to a parish and living in a property owned by the parish or the Diocese are to make a list or accurate inventory of their personal contents and belongings. They shall follow the same updating guidelines outlined in statute 170b. In case of the death or the transfer of a pastor, the Dean shall see to it that only the items listed as the pastor’s personal contents will be removed from the premises. The pastor will be responsible for any priest assigned to his parish regarding the removal of his personal contents. 25. a) In accordance with the canons 285, 286 and 287, the clergy will refrain from all activities that are unbecoming to the clerical state.

26 Cf. c. 221, §1.

27 Cf. c. 1288.

28 Cf. c. 287, §2 and the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Conference of Illinois.


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