Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

responsible consideration and provision for the care of souls in case of emergency.

42. Every pastor has the right to one month (continuous or interrupted) annual vacation with full compensation, at a time agreed upon with the Dean, with the compensation for any substitute to be paid by the parish. 35

43. Each parish must have its own official seal. 36

44. At least every five years, the pastor, either personally or through his parochial vicar, deacon or other member of the pastoral staff, is highly encouraged to visit every family in the parish and compile the parish census. Electronic means of communication may also be used to update the parish census. 45. In accordance with canon 536 and as regulated by diocesan policies and procedures, every parish shall have a pastoral council, which is advisory to the pastor.

46. In accordance with canons 528 to 537 inclusive, pastors are reminded of their obligations, in particular:

a) of residence and of being always available for service to his flock;

b) of knowing the people – non-Catholic as well as Catholic – in his parish and of exercising pastoral solicitude for all;

c) of personally preaching the word of God;

d) of discovering and correcting in his parish any abuses against faith and morals;

e) of applying Holy Mass pro populo on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, and the other days prescribed in the diocesan Ordo; if he is legitimately prevented from this celebration, he is to apply Mass on these same days through another priest or he himself is to apply it on other days; 37

35 Cf. c. 533, §2.

36 Cf. c. 535, §3.

37 Cf. canon 534, §1.


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