Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

f) of administering the Sacraments to the faithful according to their reasonable requests and at times suited to their convenience;

g) of exercising great zeal for the care of the sick and dying in the parish.


47. Parochial vicars are accountable to the pastor; the pastor shall set for them a good example of priestly life and zeal and shall pastorally instruct, direct, and admonish them in the care of souls, in parochial administration, and in personal conduct; the parochial vicar owes the pastor reverence and obedience in the spiritual and temporal work of the parish, in the order of the household, and in the duty of residence, remembering that residence is to be not only physical but truly active and fruitful for the good of souls.

48. A priest regularly assigned as a parochial vicar to a parish shall assist the pastor in matters spiritual and temporal under the authority and direction of the pastor.

49. Parochial vicars shall be available for parochial duties at all times, except during vacation or illness or on the free day once each week, which is to be granted by the pastor. 50. A parochial vicar shall not be absent from the rectory without notifying the pastor of his contact information where he can be reached in case of emergency. The weekly free day of the parochial vicar is understood to include permission for overnight absence from the rectory. 51. Every parochial vicar has the right to one month (continuous or interrupted) annual vacation with full compensation, at a time agreed upon with the pastor, with the compensation for any substitute to be paid by the parish. 38 52. The parochial vicar shall not promote new activities without the pastor’s knowledge and consent. If the pastor’s opposition is deemed unreasonable, the parochial vicar may confer with the Dean.


53. Chaplains are to provide for the pastoral care of the institution, community or particular group of the Christian faithful to which they have been assigned.

38 Cf. c. 550, §3.


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