Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

Family Planning and prayerfully discern the Lord’s will for their family size in light of the principles given in Humanae Vitae #10.

c) The celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony is governed by the pertinent provisions of canon law, liturgical norms, and the policies and procedures of this Diocese. 123. a) Clerics incardinated in the Diocese are delegated the general faculty to assist validly at all marriages within the Diocese when one party is of the Latin rite. For liceity, this faculty is to be exercised only with the consent of the local pastor or his delegate. 85 (Amended by Decree of Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, Feb., 2, 2022.) b) As long as they validly hold office, the local Ordinary and the pastor can de- legate to priests and deacons the faculty, even a general one, to assist at marriages within the limits of their territory. To be valid the delegation of the faculty to assist at marriages must be given expressly to specified persons; if it is a question of a special delegation, it is to be granted for a specific marriage; however, if it is a question of a general delegation, it is to be granted in writing. 86 c) To assist licitly at the marriage of non-parishioners permission of the proper pastor or of the local Ordinary is also required. A pastor may not deny permission to marry elsewhere, if permission is asked for a just cause. A pastor may not licitly marry non-parishioners without written permission of the pastor of one of the parties. 124. Marriage should be contracted in the parish church where either party has a domicile or quasi-domicile, or month-long residence, in the presence of the local Ordinary, pastor, or a priest or deacon delegated by either of them, and two witnesses, preferably at Mass in the case of a marriage of two Catholics. 87 125. The celebration of both Catholic and mixed marriages is forbidden outside of parish churches, except that it can be celebrated in another church or oratory with the permission of the local Ordinary or the pastor. 88

126. a) Priests should be solicitous to effect the validation of invalid marriages and, in doing so, should follow carefully the prescriptions of canon law.

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