Diocesan Pastoral Directory

Jerseyville, St. Francis-Holy Ghost St. Francis Address: 412 S. State St., Jerseyville, IL 62052 Holy Ghost Address: 309 N. Washington, Jerseyville, IL 62052 St. Francis Office: (618) 498-4823 St. Francis FAX: (618) 498-3827 Holy Ghost Office: (618) 498-4910 Holy Ghost FAX: (618) 498-2754 E-mail: stfrancis@sfhg.org Website: www.sfhg.org Parish: Holy Ghost and St. Francis Xavier Dr. Dennis Cramsey, Principal. Jennifer Fink, Secretary (St. Francis Site). Janet Williams, Secretary (Holy Ghost Site). Enrollment: 289 Students (K-8), 45 Students (Preschool)

Holy Ghost Site

St. Francis Site

Maryville, St. John Neumann 142 Wilma Dr., Maryville, IL 62062

Office: (618) 345-7230 FAX: (618) 345-4350 E-mail: principal@sjncrusaders.org Website: www.sjncrusaders.org Parish: Mother of Perpetual Help, Maryville, St. Cecilia, Glen Carbon, St. Jerome, Troy. Russ Hart, Principal. Rev. D. Patrick Gibbons, Canonical Administrator. Sharon Dickman, Sherri Patek, Secretaries. Stacy Ratulowski, Bookkeeper. Heather Mooshegian, Enrollment & Development Director. Enrollment: 196 Students (K-8), 47 Students (Preschool)

Mt. Sterling, St. Mary 408 W. Washington St., Mt. Sterling, IL 62353

Office: (217) 773-2825 FAX: ( 217 ) 773-2399 E-mail: smsschool@smseagle.org Website: www.smseagle.org Parish: Holy Family Melissa Obert, Principal. Tammy McKeown, Secretary. Nancy Mitchell, Marketing. Enrollment: 91 Students (K-8), 38 Students (Preschool)


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