Diocesan Pastoral Directory

Department for Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth The Department for Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth is overseen by Erin Danaher, Director.

OFFICE FOR LAITY, MARRIAGE, FAMILY LIFE, AND YOUTH Erin Dananer (Director). Gracie Ortiz (Marriage and Family Life Specialist).


OFFICE FOR PRO-LIFE, SPECIAL MINISTRIES, AND MISSIONS Donna Moore (Director). Cynthia Gallo Callan (Assistant to the Office for Pro-Life, Special Ministries, and Missions). E-mail: missions@dio.org. Diocesan Committee for Hispanic Ministry (Comite Diocesano de Ministerio Hispano) : Lupyta Alaniz, Norma Cardenas, Gabby Garza, Rev. Paul A. Habing, Rev. Kevin Mann, S.J.C. (Chairman), Flor Molina, Donna Moore, Marcelo Nieto, Cecy Reza, Sr. Ofelia Quiroz-Martinez, M.A.G., Jennifer Silguero, Sr. Ema Sota Enriquez, M.A.G. Diocesan Campaign for Justice and Hope Allocation Committee : Donna Moore (Director), Dcn. Jay Wackerly (Alton Deanery); Dcn. Michael Hagen (Jerseyville Deanery), Tom Purcell, Dcn. Eugen Uptmor (Mattoon Deanery), Dcn. Michael Ellerman, Dcn. Wayne Zimmerman (Quincy Deanery), Dcn. Steven Frazier, Ken Handley, Terry Tuttle (Springfield Deanery).

OFFICE FOR DEAF MINISTRY Rev. Adam Zawadzki (Chaplain and Director). Christine Lansaw (Associate Director) Department for Personnel Services The Department for Personnel Services is overseen by Erin Danaher, Director. Catholic Pastoral Center Hospitality : Ruth Staab

OFFICE FOR HUMAN RESOURCES Erin Danaher (Director). Maggie Koester (HR Assistant).

Confidential FAX (Human Resources Issues) : (888) 927-4141.

OFFICE FOR SAFE ENVIRONMENT Colleen Richardson (Director). Lucy Newcomb (Safe Environment Intern).


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