Diocesan Pastoral Directory

DeTemple, Rev. Michael, O.P. 1301 W. Monroe St., Springfield, IL 62704

Phone: (217) 793-9539 Cellular: (614) 653-4373 E-mail: mdop49@gmail.com

Born: April 9, 1949. Ordained: June 5, 1981. Campus Minister/Professor: Ohio Dominican College, Columbus, OH, 1981. Assistant Novice Master: St. Stephen Priory, Dover, MA, 1982 1985; St. Gertrude Priory, Madeira, OH, 1985-1989. Parochial Vicar: St. Gertrude Parish, Madeira, OH, 1985-1989; Most Precious Blood Parish, Dover, MA, 1989-1993. Retreat Ministry Treasurer: St. Stephen Priory and Retreat House, Dover, MA, 1989-1993. Advanced Studies in Theology: Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, CA, 1993. Pastor: St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Zanesville, OH, 1994-1999. Parochial Vicar: St. Gertrude Priory and Parish, Madeira, OH, 1999-2003. Prior: St. Louis Bertrand Priory, Louisville, KY, 2003-2007. Pastor: St. Louis Bertrand Parish, Louisville, KY, 2003-2007. Campus Minister: University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 2007 2011; Dominican University, River Forest, IL, 2011-2018. Parochial Vicar: St. Vincent Ferrer Priory and Parish, 2011-2018. Chaplain: Dominican Sisters of Peace Motherhouse, Columbus, OH, 2018-2020; Dominican Sisters of the Sacred Heart Motherhouse, Springfield, 2020-present.

Devillers, Rev. Arnaud, F.S.S.P. St. Rose of Lima Parish, 1009 N. 8th St., Quincy, 62301

Phone: (217) 222-2511 Cellular: (217) 257-3114 E-mail: eleutheros@fssp.org

Born: February 2, 1959. Ordained: June 29, 1985. Teacher: St. Mary’s Academy, St. Mary’s, KS, 1985-1988. President St. Mary’s College, St. Mary’s, KS, 1988-1989. Theology Professor: St. Peter’s Seminary, Opfenbach, Germany, 1989-1991. District Superior: Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, U.S. District, Scranton, PA, 1991-2000. Superior General: Ibid, General House, Opfenbach, Germany, 2000 2003; Ibid, General House, Fribourg Switzerland, 2003-2006. Continuing Education: Gregorian University, 2006 2008. Chaplain: Latin Mass Community of St. Rose of Lima, Quincy, 2008-2013. Pastor: St. Rose of Lima, Quincy, 2013-2016. In Residence: St. Rose of Lima, Quincy, 2022-present.

Doctor, Rev. John, O.F.M. Holy Cross Friary, 724 N. 20th St., Quincy, 62301-2463

Phone: (217) 223-9920 FAX: (217) 223-9992 E-mail: doctojo@quincy.edu

Born: July 11, 1949. Ordained: June 5, 1976. Formation Staff: Oak Brook, IL, 1976-1977. Associate Pastor: St. Joseph, Cleveland, OH. Associate Director of Franciscan Associate Program 1977-1978. Director of Franciscan Associate Program, 1978-1982, Associate Director of Simply Professed Brothers Program, 1979-1982, Vicar, 1978-1982, Duquesne University, 1982-1983. Director of Spiritual Formation and Vice Rector: Our Lady of Angels Friary, Quincy, 1983-1986. Pastor: St. Joseph Church, Quincy 1984-1986. Guardian: St. Francis of Assisi, Franklin, IN, 1987-1993; Associate Novice Master, 1986, Novice Master, 1987-1993. Provincial Vicar: St. Anthony, St. Louis, MO, 1993-1999; Provincial Minister: St. Anthony, St. Louis, MO, 1999-2008. Sabbatical: 2008-2009. Vice President for Misson and Ministry, Quincy University, Quincy, 2009-present.


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