Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

choice with the approval of the Vicar for Priests, as long as this second retreat does not extend over a weekend.

13. All diocesan permanent deacons must make a retreat annually at a Catholic retreat house of their choice with the approval of the Director of the Office for the Diaconate. At least every other year permanent deacons are highly encouraged to make a retreat with the other deacons serving in the Diocese at a time and place convenient for the permanent deacons as designated by the local Ordinary. 19 14. Attendance at the Spring Gathering for Priests and the Fall Convocation of Priests is an expectation for those diocesan priests and religious priests engaged in the care of souls. Only a just cause will excuse from attendance and the Dean must be notified of the reason for absence. Priests in senior or emeritus status are welcome and highly encouraged to attend. 15. All diocesan priests are highly expected as part of their vocational commitment and professional development to participate in ongoing spiritual formation and continuing theological education as determined by the Vicar General or Vicar for Priests and as prescribed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ document The Basic Plan for the Ongoing Formation of Priests (2001) and by the most recent edition of the Program for Priestly Formation . Diocesan priests may be granted a sabbatical for ongoing theological, pastoral and/or ministerial formation by the Diocesan Bishop in accord with diocesan policies and procedures. reside in a parish house close to the church; in particular cases, however, the local ordinary can permit him to live elsewhere, especially in a house shared by several presbyters, provided there is a just cause and suitable and due provision is made for the performance of parochial functions.” 20 “The parochial vicar is obliged to reside within the parish, or, if he has been appointed to different par- ishes concurrently, he is obliged to live in one of them; however, the local ordinary can permit him to reside elsewhere, especially in a house shared by several priests provided there is a just cause and such an arrangement does not hinder the discharge of his pastoral duties.” 21 If possible, parish offices should be 16. The rectory is the home of the priest(s) of the parish. True Christian hospitality towards all priests should characterize all our rectories. “The pastor is obliged to

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