Fourth Synod Compiled Acts, Declarations and Statutes

b) In effecting these validations, priests should remember that a sanatio in radice is an extraordinary remedy to be applied only when all efforts to effect a simple validation have failed. c) In seeking a sanatio priests should not be satisfied with a statement of one party that the other party refuses to renew consent in the form prescribed by the law, but they should investigate each case thoroughly to ascertain whether the original consent was naturally sufficient and still perdures, whether the uncooperative party really refuses to give consent in the form prescribed by the Church, and, in mixed marriages, whether he or she makes the declaration and gives the promises at least implicitly. 127. No priest may declare the nullity of marriage in order that another marriage may be contracted, even though the nullity of the previous marriage seems apparent. Such cases are always to be referred to the Diocesan Tribunal. 128. a) When parties claim that their marriage is null and void, the case is to be referred to the Diocesan Tribunal, provided that there is a probable basis for the alleged invalidity. b) Under no circumstances should a priest himself attempt to prejudice the case by expressing his opinion on its merits or on the length of time required for its consideration and decision. He should not undertake to gather evidence for the case, especially concerning a question of non-baptism, nor should he express to the parties that there is no basis for the nullity of a marriage. These are the responsibilities of the Diocesan Tribunal.



129. a) The faithful are to be encouraged to obtain and keep holy water in their homes and to use this sacramental in accordance with the ancient traditions of the Church.

b) The faithful are also urged to provide themselves with blessed candles for use in their homes.

c) The devout use of other sacramentals and pious practices approved or commended by ecclesiastical authority is also highly encouraged, such as praying the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Liturgy of the Hours


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